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Ristorante Il Solito Posto
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  • via Lambertenghi, 9
  • 22100 Como (Co)
  • 031 271352
  • 333 3117116
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Il Solito Posto a Como




In the heart of the historic town of Como. in old cellars and horse-stables,
recently restored leading to view the original walls of ancient workmanship and furnished with
period furniture, warm, friendly atmosphere with candlelight and attentive service.

The food that we choose for our guests is traditional and territorial, with
interpretations of fantasy with fresh pastries, a wide use of herbs, proper, and
not disproportionate use of fresh fish and desserts from simple style and catchy, even the
cellar reflects our philosophy with big names but without pomp in quiet sobriety.

Available to accommodate up to 80 guests in the dining rooms fully air conditioned.